1. What is 'My Computer' zone?
  2. How to disable personal firewall?
  3. Why doesn't it monitor traffic on the Local Network like file and printer sharing?
  4. Is NetLimiter 2 able to prevent any programs from accessing the internet?
  5. Netlimiter 2 shows this problem: "Couldnt connect to Netlimiter service".
  6. Why NetLimiter 2 creates outgoing connection on startup?


  1. My NetLimiter 2 installation seems to be corrupted. The uninstallation file is missing, so i cannot unistall NetLimiter 2 properly. Can you help me?
  2. Does Netlimiter 2 support Windows XP Pro x64 Edition?
  3. Can i install and run NetLimiter on Windows Vista?
  4. Which operating systems are supported by NetLimiter 2?
  5. I would like to reinstall my OS. Which files should i backup to be able to recover NetLimiter 2 settings on new system?


  1. The registration name and code don't work.

Remote Administration

  1. "The RPC server is not listening" error

Windows Vista related problems

  1. "Invalid registration name or code" and the "Access denied" message