NetLimiter 3 ToDo list

What we are working on now...


Stats module
First version of our new stats module is almost ready.
Multilanugage support
Support for other languages than english.
Sorting of columns in connection view
Sorting by title, speed etc.
WHOIS, Ping and Traceroute integration
Features known from NetLimiter 2 providing more detailed info about selected connection.
Packet loss simulation
Network flow disturbances simulation.
Latency simulation
Network flow disturbances simulation.
Take adventage of new network stack introduced by Vista and Win7
The network stack has been greatly improved and NetLimiter has to accommodate the changes.
NetLimiter core optimalization
There is always some space for performance and other improvements.
Extensive network event logging
More detailed view on NetLimiter actions and network events.
Per-connection and per-process rules
Known from NetLimiter 2, rule will be applied to every connection or process satisfying given condition.
NetLimiter 3 API documentation
Our client application (GUI) is completly build above the API. We would like to publish the API so other developers can use it.