NetLimiter 4 gives users full control over their network connection. With NetLimiter 4 you can decide which applications will be allowed to connect to internet and how much of total bandwidth they will be allowed to use.


Internet traffic monitoring
You will not miss a single application connecting to the internet. You will also monitor how much data it transfers from or to internet.
Using a simple and also interactive system of rules you will be allow to which application can connect to internet and under which conditions.
Lets you specify exact outgoing/incoming transfer speeds for any application running on your machine.
Lets you prioritize traffic of selected app over others.
Lest set transfer quotas for selected app/filter. If the quota is reached limit, blocker rule or other could be applied.
NetLimiter 4 records long-term traffic statistics for your computer. You can review what happened on your machine long-time ago (since you first installed NetLimiter 4).
You can create advanced traffic filters and then use same limit/blocker/priority rules as for applications. For example, you can put all web browsers into one filter and then give it a high traffic priority.
All rules (limit, blocker, etc.) can be scheduled - started or stopped at selected times with chosen repeating period.
Remote administration
You can connect to and control remote machine with installed NetLimiter 4.
User permissions
You can decide which users can use NetLimiter 4 to monitor or control the computer.
Much more...
... real-time traffic chart, silent installer, detailed information about apps and connections, etc..


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