Brand-new HOME license and new website features

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 10:04:35 AM

Hello there,

For few last weeks we were preparing that what is now a website you are currently browsing. We updated almost each of its parts, but the most significant change is a new online shop with brand-new HOME license.

HOME license

Users can now choose between Standard and Home licenses. The Standard is normal license with no restrictions, but for a full price. On the other hand, the Home license can be used only for personal non-commercial use (usually at home) and maximum number of licenses is restricted (currently to 10 pieces), but you can get it for approximately 20% cheaper than the Standard license.

In terms of features Standard and Home licenses are identical.

Pro/Lite versions

Beginning with version 4.0.33 NetLimiter only allows access to functions which are part of the purchased license version. Detailed list of Pro/Lite features can be found here.

If you suddenly realize that Lite version does not fit your needs your can always upgrade here to Pro.

Follow us on social networks

We finally decided to be more active on social networks. For this purposes, we will use Facebook and Twitter exclusively. Please, follows us on those channels, if you would like to be informed about all NetLimiter news and updates and also other useful tips about internet and security.

Future features

You have already probably registered that we plan to add Forums to the website. It should be fully active in several weeks.

We also plan to open a portal for translators, where every will be allowed to contribute to translate NetLimiter to his/her mother language. It should be up until the end of 2017.

Thanks for reading!

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