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Hello all, We are here with an update on NetLimiter 4's future an our plans and steps.

New release is coming soon

Since last release we fixed several bugs like client crash while opening Traffic stats, problems with client connecting to service and many more. We are including these fixes into next NetLimiter 4 release which is going out in next few weeks.

Things we are currently working on

We are currently working (or plan to start working) on several new features or improvements. A brief list follows:


As mentioned before, currently, we mainly concentrate on Quotas. This tool will allow you to record how much data was transferred through a selected Filter (App, Zone, etc.) during selected period of time, which can be customized to any time interval (including billing period of your internet provider). If transferred data reaches specified threshold then chosen action is executed. The action can be a Rule (it will allow you to block or limit the Filter), but we plan to add more options for the Quota Action like simple notifications or ... let us know what you would like see as an Action.

First version of Quotas is almost ready to go out, but we will put it into a special testing release, which should be out in next weeks alongside the regular version package.