Tuesday, May 26, 2015 10:38:00 AM

The Rule is just a rule which tell NetLimiter what to do with selected Filter. Currently, there are three rule types available: Limit, Blocker and Priority.

To create a rule you need to run Rule Editor which you can do by clicking on the selected node in Activity tab or make it from scratch using Rules tab and selecting Add rule.

Rule Editor


There are several options to choose from:

  • Filter: Select from list of custom filters (or applications) to which one will be the rule applied.
  • Zone: Select a Zone for which will be the Rule applied. If you leave it blank then the Rule will work for all Zones.
  • Rule Type: Limit, Blocker, Quota, Priority and Ignore are available.
  • Direction: There are three options: In, Out and Both, but they have different meaning for Limit and Firewall rule. When the Rule Type of the Rule is Blocker then the Direction represent how it originates. If you have selected Limit then the Direction means the way the data flows (from or to your machine). Use Both if want to differentiate between In and Out.
  • Value: For Limits it represents maximum transfer speed which will be allowed for selected Filter and given direction. For Blocker there are three possibilities: Ask, Allow and Deny. If you choose Ask then you will asked how to handle a every connection for the Filter and chosen Direction. If you choose Allow then the connection will be allowed to be created and if you select Deny then every connection will be blocked. For Priority, there are 4 levels to choose from.
  • Weight: Only for Blocker rules. More info is in the article about Blocker.
  • Enabled: If leave it unchecked the Rule will be inactive and not working. It is just a simple tool that will allow you to quickly switch any Rule ON and OFF.

Ignore rule

A single connection can be included in two or more filters. For example - one connection is under its original app as well as under Whole computer filter (TopNode). When you apply limit on the whole computer, the original app will be also affected. With Ignore limit rule applied on the original app will result in unrestricted traffic for the app regardless of other active limits.

Ignore rule has the highest priority.

There are two types of the Ignore rule:

  • Ignore data: All data passing thru a filter for which the rule is active will be by bypassed and not registered. It is very useful especially for VPNs, which often routes computer's traffic through its own process and NetLimiter counts as a new traffic.

  • Ignore Limit: Any limits for all connections from a filter for which the rule is active will be ignored bypassed.



To start/stop rules automatically at given time, please use Scheduler tool.

Quick rule setter

As the name suggests this tool is used to quickly (using one or two mouse clicks) set any rule up. It can be found on the Activity tab and in the InfoView.