Basic features

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 9:13:28 AM

Real-time traffic monitoring

NetLimiter allows you to monitor network traffic in real time. You can view view every single connection made by every single application in your system. You can check their current transfer rate or look at them in real time traffic chart.


For any application or single connection you can set their upload or download transfer speed limits. It helps you to share your network bandwidth much better.


NetLimiter's Blocker allows you to prevent selected applications from connecting to the internet. It has quite customizable user interface which should suit needs of most (advanced) users.


Allows you to prioritize internet traffic of one application over others. If application with higher priority has no traffic then applications with lower priorities will not be restricted at all.


Allows you to enable rules based on data transferred thru selected filter.

Longterm traffic statistics

NetLimiter by default records all traffic on your machine. You can later view the records using Traffic stats tool.

Custom filters

If you need more than basic entities like connections and applications, you can create your own Filters using advanced Filter editor.