Command line options

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 8:24:40 AM

Command line

There are specific command line options for bootsrapper EXE and for the MSI files inside which could be used simultaneously. We will cover only basic and most important options, but more advanced guide could be found at our bootstrapper EXE provider - Advanced Installer and at Microsoft for Windows Installer.


Advanced installation command could look like this:

netlimiter- /exenoui /qn APPDIR="c:\nl4-folder" /l*v "c:\nl-inst-log.txt"

This will install NetLimiter silently - without prompting user and any user interface, to custom folder named c:\nl4-folder and log the installation process to c:\nl-inst-log.txt log file. The command line is a mix of bootstrapper and MSI specific options:

  • /exenoui: Disables bootstrapper GUI.
  • /qn: Disables MSI gui. (Yes, exe file and MSI have both own gui)
  • APPDIR="path": Sets installation path. Default path is "%ProgramFiles%\Locktime Software\NetLimiter 4".
  • /l*v "log-file-name": Orders MSI to write verbose log to file named "log-file-name".

As it was said before, there are many available options, but even most advanced users will do just fine these four.


You can use Control Panel or the exe installer to start the uninstallation, but for more advanced tasks we recommend to use the Windows Installer. Again, such a complete uninstallation command could look like this:

msiexec.exe /x {A73810DD-B51D-419B-946D-FC062247219E} /qn /l*v "c:\nl-uninst-log.txt" NL_CLEAN_SETTINGS=1

It will run uninstallation of NetLimiter 4 quietly, with verbose logging ON and telling the uninstaller to clean all NetLimiter 4 settings. The commands are:

  • msiexec.exe: MSI executable file. It can be found on every Windows system.
  • /x {A73810DD-B51D-419B-946D-FC062247219E}: Orders MSI to uninstall (/x command) a product with id {A73810DD-B51D-419B-946D-FC062247219E}. Each NetLimiter release has an unique id, which has to be put into the uninstallation command. Please, read this info how get this id for currently installed version.
  • /qn: Runs uninstallation silently.
  • /l*v "log-file-name": Write a log.
  • NL_CLEAN_SETTINGS=1: Sets uninstaller property NL_CLEAN_SETTINGS to 1 which orders uninstaller to delete all NetLimiter settings, files (the Stats database as well) and all registry entries. Default uninstaller behavior is to keep the settings untouched and this property gives users options to delete them. If you run the uninstallation with user interface then you will be asked whether to keep the files or not, so in this case, setting this property is useless.