Stats UI (version 5)

Friday, November 11, 2022 6:32:09 PM

This tool allows you to view long-term traffic statistics. It can be launched from Activity view's context menu using command Traffic stats or from Windows->Open Window->Traffic statistics menu command.


It displays stats for selected Node in Activity view, Application list and Filter list. You can select a time period for which the data have to be shown and type of network (Internet, Local, Loopaback) on which they were transferred. (Note: by default, only Internet data are recorded)

Extended stats

For the selected Node, selected time period and a network a set of extended stats exists. Transferred data are sorted by Apps, Ips (ip addresses), Ports, Users (user accounts) and Countries. You can select any Ip, App etc. (except for Countries) and press Inspect to get stats for the selected entity. (Note: You can always go back the original stats by pressing back arrow button in the top bar)