Remote Connection

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 8:51:08 AM

To remotely control other machine's bandwidth with NetLimiter 4 you must meet following conditions:

  • Install NetLimiter 4 on all machines you would like to control.
  • Allow listening on TCP port 4045 in NetLimiter 4 settings and in firewall settings on all remote machines.
  • Have an account on all remote machines with Administrator privileges.
  • Install NetLimiter 4 on (your) local machine.

Port 4045

To allow NetLimiter 4 (on remote machine) to listen on TCP port 4045, go to Tools->Options...->Service->General and check the Listen for remote connections option. If you need to change the port value you can do it here as well (custom port numbers work since version 4.1.7).


Connecting to a remote machine

If all conditions are met then go to File->Connect remotely..., enter an IP address or a network name of a remote machine and click on Connect. Then you will have to enter credentials for your admin account on the remote machine.

After successful login the remote machine will appear in Activity view.

Custom port

If you have selected a custom port (other than default 4045) on the remote machine, then you need to specify it in the name of machine: MachineNameOrIp:Port (for example:**:**8088).