Stats manager (version 5)

Sunday, November 13, 2022 4:17:26 PM

Allows you to adjust Stats settings and manage the data. Stats manager can be opened using main menu command Tools->Stats manager.


Stats database info

Basic information about the database: size on disk, first and last data record time.

Delete data from Start time to End time

Select a time interval for which you'd like delete all data from database. Press Delete data to start the deletion of data. (Note: This is a one-way process, once deleted data can not be recovered)

Import stats from NetLimiter 4 database

NL4 DB Location should point to old stats database location if it was previously updated from version 4. You can also import stats data from other machine. In that case, click on Select... to specify the old stats location on the local machine. Press Import to start the import. (Note: Depending on size of the old database, the import can take a lot time, from minutes to hours!)

Stats database location

Here you can check and change a location of Stats database. If your check Move DB file before changing the location, current database files will moved to a new location.

Application list

Here you can manage stats for particular applications: Merge, Delete (temporarily not available).