Connection History

Friday, September 28, 2018 8:11:31 AM

This tool offers different view on traffic stats. It displays stats grouped by Ip address of remote machine and application.

To open the tool, go to Window->Open Window and select Connection History.

The usage is simple: just select any item in any window (Activity, Applications, Filters, etc.) and it will automatically display stats data for given period of time, which can be selected at top of the window.



Application: Name of executable file in which the traffic originated.

IP Address: Ip address of remote computer to/from which the traffic flowed.

Data In:Amount of data transferred to user's computer.

Data Out:Amount of data transferred from user's computer.

First transfer time: Time of first data transfer.

Last transfer time: Time of last data transfer.

Location: Geographic location of remote computer (with given Ip address).

Hostname: Network name of remote computer (with given Ip address). Sometimes it doesn't exist.


Context menu

Click with right-mouse button on any row to display context menu with following commands:

Show app info: Displays application info.

Copy IP address: Copies Ip address to system clipboard.

Copy whole row: Copies whole row to system clipboard.

View position on map (Google): Opens Google maps in default browser and zooms to the location of remote machine.

Ask web (Google) about IP: Opens Google search with Ip address.