Stats manager (version 4)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 8:51:08 AM

Allows you to adjust Stats settings and manage the data. Stats manager can be opened using main menu command Tools->Stats manager.



Database location

Here you can check and change a location of Stats database. If your check Move DB file before changing the location, current database files will copied to a new location.

Update Time

Specifies how often will be traffic data saved to the database. Default value is 180 seconds (~3 minutes). The lower this value is, the more detailed stored data are, but the database file is bigger.

If you click on Set and compact database then you start to compact the stats database. For example if you have previously set Update Time to 100 seconds and then you decide to compact it with Update Time set to 500 seconds then you can theoretically shrink the database 5 times as 5 small chunks of data spread into five 100s long intervals will be put together into one big chunk. On the other hand, it is useless to set Update Time to lower values than the current value. In this case compacting will have no effect on database size.

NTFS compression

Check it if you would like to compress Stats database using file system compression. In some situation it can shrink the database to 50% of its original size (at cost of slower writing and reading from it). We recommend to let it checked.

Application list

Displays current content of the stats database. Please, following tools manage the database.


As the title says: use it to delete any unwanted data from the stats database. All you have to do is to select applications for which will be the data removed.

Delete ALL Stats

This tool deletes all database files.


This one allows you to merge data from several applications under one of them. For example if you would like to merge stats from IE and Firefox under the former for any reason. Just choose several apps, press Merge. After you will have choose under which of the selected apps will be data merged.

Check integrity

This tool checks if all data in the database are valid and not corrupted. Use it if you suspect that the data displayed in Stats GUI are wrong. If any problems are found you will be offered to repair them (if possible).