Pending requests - the 'Ask' window

Saturday, August 26, 2017 9:43:41 AM

If you create for any app a blocker rule with action Ask then when the app tries to connect to the internet the Blocker will prompt the user to decide what to do with the connection... whether to Allow or Deny/Block it.


Handling pending connection requests

Opening a single website in a web browser can create lots of unique connections (often more than 10). If you have created a blocker rule with Ask action, then you will be asked what to do with each of the connections. Deciding about the fate of each of the new connections could become unnecessary and for that case there are two functions which will help you to end the manual evaluation:

  • Remember: Check this option if you want to apply your current choice (Allow/Deny) to all following connections. If you check this option, you will be allowed to select for which of the connection's properties (source application, port, ip address, etc.) you would like to create the rule. You will also be allowed to select whether the new rule should be deleted after some time.
  • For a while: If checker it will temporarily enable the selected action for short period of time (tens of seconds, minutes). The action is active for process from which it originated.

If you have many filters with lots of rules on your system then it could be quite hard to distinguish one connection from the other. To get more detailed info about it, just click on Source filter or Source rule.