Menu bar (top)

Friday, September 1, 2017 10:43:01 AM

The Menu bar is located at the top of Main window.


First is displayed a computer name of a machine to which is NetLimiter connected (usually a local machine) and then follows a typical set of menu items:

FILE: Allows you to close the NetLimiter client and connect to local or remote installation of NetLimiter.

TOOLS: Offers an access to various tools - Options, Stats Manager and Permissions. This Skins selection is not available.

WINDOWS: Use it to open all NetLimiter Child windows/views.

HELP: Access to various information about NetLimiter. You can also use it to register your copy or check for new versions.


Default units to be used across all NetLimiter's tools and windows. Sometimes it could overruled by specific settings of the tool (like in Activity).

Blocker/Limiter/Priorities On

Allows you to quickly enable/disable Blocker, Limiter and Priorities.

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