Friday, January 29, 2016 10:13:31 AM

Blocker can be also viewed as a simple firewall. It is a tool which allows you to specify which application can connect to internet and which can not. You can also specify various conditions under which would any connections be allowed and other denied.

How to block an app?

To Allow or Block any app or filter you need to create a blocker rule for it and enable it. There are several ways how to achieve this:

  • In Activity tab Click to In Blocker or Out Blocker column for selected app and create a rule. Use Options menu to enable these columns.

  • To create a Blocker rule you can also use Add rule button on Rules or Blocker tabs.

Blocker ON

In order to work, Blocker must be enabled. There are 3 places in NetLimiter where you can do it:

  • At top of the Main window check Blocker On button.
  • Go to Tools->Options...->Service->General and check Blocker enabled button.
  • From main NetLimiter screen go to the Blocker and click on Blocker is disabled button (it should switch to Blocker is enabled).

Default settings

Default blocker settings are located at Tools->Options...->Service->Blocker. There you can select which blocker action will performed by default.

Blocker actions

There are 3 types of actions from which you have to choose when creating a blocker rule. These are:



(introduced in version 4.0.54)

Each Blocker rule is assigned a weight. The higher the value is, the rule is more important. If you have created two different Blocker rules for an app (or filter), then the rule with higher weight is applied.

You don't have to set weights for each newly created blocker rule. They are set automatically based on a filter for which they are used. The default weights are assigned in this manner:

Custom weights

A custom weight (bigger than 3) can be created using Rule Editor.

Weight preference

Whole machine (weight 1) < Zone(2) < Application/Network/Custom Filter (3) < Custom weights (4 and bigger)


Quick zone blocker

Use this to quickly block/unblock any Zone or Whole machine from internet with one click.