Stats in version 5

Thursday, November 10, 2022 5:47:30 PM

There are significant changes in Stats introduced in version 5.1.1. This describes the changes and how to move long-term data from version 4 to 5.

New database system

New Stats run on Sqlite3 transactional database system. It has many benefits when compared against previously used proprietary database system, but the main advantage is its speed.

New stats options

User can now specify (Tools->Options->Service->Stats) types of data that shall be saved to the stats database. By default only data transferred from/to internet are saved.


Stats UI improvements

New database system allowed us select more Stats data at the same time. Now you can get much more information for selected time period and app/filter. Give it try using Window->Traffic statistics.


Importing version 4 data to version 5

To import stats from version 4, just go to Tools->Stats Manager. If your NetLimiter 4 stats was successfully located (automatically or manually), then you can press Import to copy traffic data from old database version to new one. It could take a lot time (minutes up to tens of minutes) depending on size of the old database.